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By claiming your school's profile, you'll get access to a highly engaged audience of parents actively seeking the best education options for their children.

When you claim your listing you can:

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Add School Contact Info
Make it convenient for parents to connect by adding your school's contact information on Snobe. Provide phone numbers, email addresses, website details, and operating hours.
Upload School Photos & Logo
Bring your school to life by uploading captivating photos and your school's logo on Snobe. Let parents visually explore your campus, facilities, and vibrant learning environment.
Add Admission & Fee Details
Help parents make informed decisions by sharing comprehensive admission and fee details on Snobe. Include application procedures, eligibility criteria, tuition fees, and any additional requirements.
Add Awards Details
Highlight your school's accomplishments by sharing awards and recognitions on Snobe. Showcase the excellence and dedication of your students, teachers, and staff members.
Update Ofsted Reports
Keep parents up to date by updating your Ofsted reports on Snobe. Share the latest inspection results, quality assessments, and educational outcomes to reinforce your commitment to academic excellence.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Snobe is the ultimate destination for parents looking to find the best schools and nurseries in England. Our directory offers comprehensive information on schools, including real reviews from parents and alumni students. And the best part? It's all completely free.

Our mission is simple: to help parents find the perfect educational fit for their child. With Snobe, parents can easily compare different schools and read authentic reviews from real parents and alumni students, ensuring that they make the best decision for their child's future.

By claiming a school listing on Snobe:

you have the ability to update and manage your school's profile, ensuring that the information presented is accurate and up-to-date. This includes adding images, ofsted report, awards, admission details, fees, and other relevant information that highlights the unique aspects of your school.

Overall, it enhances your school's visibility and increases the likelihood of receiving inquiries from parents actively seeking a school.

Yes, claiming a school listing on Snobe is completely free.
When you claim your school's listing on Snobe, you can add and update various information about your school, including but not limited to:
  • School name, address, and contact details
  • School description and mission statement
  • Youtube video giving school tour
  • Images and galleries showcasing campus, facilities, and activities
  • Awards and recognitions received by the school
  • Admission criteria, procedures, and deadlines
  • Curriculum and educational programs offered
  • Links to your school's website and social media accounts
    And more...

These details help parents get a comprehensive understanding of your school and make an informed decision.

To claim a school on Snobe, you can follow these steps:
  • Search for your school: Use the search feature on Snobe's website to find your school's listing by entering the school's name or location. This helps you locate the correct profile to claim.
  • Create an account: Register for a school account by providing your details. This account will allow you to manage your school's information.
  • Provide the required information about your school: Fill out the necessary details about your school, such as basic school information, contacts and address for verification purposes.
  • Submit the claim request: After entering the required information, review it for accuracy and completeness. Then, submit the claim request to notify Snobe that you are asserting ownership of the school's profile.
  • Undergo the verification process: Snobe's moderation team will review your claim requests. This process may involve contacting the school or requesting further information.
  • Receive confirmation and access: Once your claim is successfully verified, you will receive confirmation via email that your school's profile has been claimed. This grants you access to manage and update the school's information on Snobe.
  • Update and manage: Log in to your school account and access your school's profile. From there, you can make changes and additions to various aspects such as images, galleries, awards, admissions information, and more.
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